Your Coaching Business Plan – Take Your Coaching Career To The Next Level

Coaching business plan for a great yearHow do you write a great life coaching business plan? There are a billion resources detailing how to write goals or take your coaching career to the next level, most of which are fine, but what you really need is to give yourself time to focus on your life coaching business plan. If you are serious about making this year a turning point in your coaching career, here a few tips that will help make a difference no matter what strategy you choose.

You Need 24 Hours Dedicated to Working on Your Life Coaching Business Plan

The most important life coaching business plan tip is to give yourself a full day to plan. Not just an hour. Not even half a day. Smaller time blocks can be easily wiped off the face of the planet with a small emergency. An afternoon can also be easily whittled down to a half hour of scattered thoughts. That’s not going to give you a quality future for your coaching career. Give yourself 24 hours.

Create Your Life Coaching Business Plan in a Different Environment Away From the Usual Distractions

The other key aspect to making the most out of your life coaching business plan time is to get away from your usual environment. Get away from your usual distractions and conversations. Creating a powerful life coaching business plan that is powerful enough to take your coaching career to the next level is going to take focus. Daily distractions like the internet and the phone take away from your focus; and that’s power that is lost.

In your usual environment you think about how you usually think. If you want to take your coaching career to the next level, the same thinking that got you where you are will not get you to the next level. If you create your life coaching business plan in your home or usual workplace, you’ll tend to repeat what happened in the past. So get yourself to a different place. Find a nice area outside your usual town, even if it’s only a half hour away. Find a place to stay the night. Maybe drive to a bed and breakfast or campground. Go to sleep somewhere else and when you wake up start your day.

If You Give Yourself 24 Hours and Distance From the Norm This Can be the Best Year of Your Coaching Career

You’ll be amazed at the power that getting some distance from all the things that usually stop you can have on developing a powerful life coaching business plan. Give yourself this gift. Set yourself up to make powerful changes in your coaching career by creating an optimal planning environment. And have a very happy new year!

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Colette Seymann
JTS Advisors Bi-Designated Strategy and Accountability Coach

Is Business Plan Coaching a Real Niche?

Business Plan Coaching

Is business plan coaching actually something people are interested in? Is it a viable niche for coaches to consider when thinking about narrowing their focus and placing their business within a certain segment of the coaching industry?

Business Plan Coaching

Business Plan Coaching

Why is a Business Plan So Important That a Coaching Niche is Needed?

Hopefully you are familiar with the details of a business plan; it’s a blue print, a guide, and an instruction manual for your business. Every business owner, even coaches, should create a comprehensive yet concise business plan before they start a business. The larger and more complex business, the longer and more detailed the business plan should be. The larger the business, the more likely they will need some business plan coaching. Here are a few reasons a business plan is crucial to business success:

  • Businesses planning to approach a financial institution about a loan, seek out investors, apply for a business grant, or look for partners must have a business plan so potential investors, creditors, and partners can clearly see the idea and the plan for a business.
  • A business plan provides business owners with an action plan that shows them where they are, where they want to be, and offers steps to get to their goals. It’s a tool that outlines the actions needed for success.
  • A business plan is a reality check. When composing a business plan, the actual development can give you insights into the viability of an idea or a business, and it also gives insight into the prospects of your action plan and the realistic potential of the goals.
  • It gives you a strategic plan that prevents you from reacting incorrectly to short-term market forces, and helps you navigate the twists, turns, and bumps in the road to success.

There is a Huge Target Market for Business Plan Coaching

Business plan coaches are already in demand will be in even greater demand as technology continues to create change and speed up the pace of business environments. Business owners will need expert help in designed and composing their business plans.

It’s the perfect time right now to seek out your place in business plan coaching. According to the US Census Bureau, there are 28 million small businesses in the United States. A large percentage of these are non-employer businesses (a sole proprietorship with no employees). Small businesses have led the comeback from the Great Recession, and are a driving force in continued job growth.

Though some small businesses won’t have a need (or the budget) for business plan coaching, many will seek out affordable coaching to help them start and grow their businesses. Many are new business owners and have no idea how to create a workable business plan.

Become a Business Plan Coach

You don’t have to move your entire coaching practice into business plan coaching. You can add it to what you already do in your coaching business. It’s a perfect compliment to small business coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, career coaching, and even life coaching.

But, the faster you learn about business plans, the faster you can become an expert in the field, and the faster you can start making a name for yourself in this growing field.

As long as people have a desire to be entrepreneurs, there will be a need for business plan coaching. It’s a large target market, and the advancement of technology and the ever-changing dynamics of business around the globe will continue to drive demand for experts in creating viable and workable business plans.

Yes – business plan coaching is a real niche. It’s a niche with a large target market, not too many experts in the field, and the chance for incredible growth in the next several years. If you’re thinking about niches for your coaching business, this one might be ideal for you!

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