Your Coaching Business Plan – Take Your Coaching Career To The Next Level

How do you write a great life coaching business plan? There are a billion resources detailing how to write goals or take your coaching career to the next level, most of which are fine, but what you really need is to give yourself time to focus on your life coaching business plan. If you are serious about making this year a turning point in your coaching career, here a few tips that will help make a difference no matter what strategy you choose.

You Need 24 Hours Dedicated to Working on Your Life Coaching Business Plan

The most important life coaching business plan tip is to give yourself a full day to plan. Not just an hour. Not even half a day. Smaller time blocks can be easily wiped off the face of the planet with a small emergency. An afternoon can also be easily whittled down to a half hour of scattered thoughts. That’s not going to give you a quality future for your coaching career. Give yourself 24 hours.

Create Your Life Coaching Business Plan in a Different Environment Away From the Usual Distractions

The other key aspect to making the most out of your life coaching business plan time is to get away from your usual environment. Get away from your usual distractions and conversations. Creating a powerful life coaching business plan that is powerful enough to take your coaching career to the next level is going to take focus. Daily distractions like the internet and the phone take away from your focus; and that’s power that is lost.

In your usual environment you think about how you usually think. If you want to take your coaching career to the next level, the same thinking that got you where you are will not get you to the next level. If you create your life coaching business plan in your home or usual workplace, you’ll tend to repeat what happened in the past. So get yourself to a different place. Find a nice area outside your usual town, even if it’s only a half hour away. Find a place to stay the night. Maybe drive to a bed and breakfast or campground. Go to sleep somewhere else and when you wake up start your day.

If You Give Yourself 24 Hours and Distance From the Norm This Can be the Best Year of Your Coaching Career

You’ll be amazed at the power that getting some distance from all the things that usually stop you can have on developing a powerful life coaching business plan. Give yourself this gift. Set yourself up to make powerful changes in your coaching career by creating an optimal planning environment. And have a very happy new year!

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Create a Coaching Plan to Help Your Business Succeed

Do you have a coaching plan? It’s not the same thing as a business plan – it’s in addition to a business plan.

Coaching Plan

Coaching Plan – Le Moal Olivier ©

Don’t Skip the Business Plan

All businesses need a business plan – and that includes you coaches out there! Don’t skip it merely because you are a one-person shop and believe it to be unnecessary. It lists your mission, values, target market, administrative duties, and marketing plans. It is vital to the success of your coaching practice – don’t skip it!

But, I suggest you write something in addition to the business plan – something that is more detailed and commensurate with the daily operations of your business. Something that will guide you from start-up to build-up to success.

Writing a Coaching Plan for Super Success

A good plan for your coaching practice will cover those things that will define, shape, and enhance your practice. It will include whatever you feel is pertinent to the success of your coaching business. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Build Your Brand

An important consideration in the long-term success of your business and the super-sizing of profitability is building a brand. Your brand should be able to cover all aspects of your future business – from one-on-one coaching, website branding, seminars, article writing, community outreach, to products such as books and DVDs. Having the right logo, slogan, or image is vital – one that can be used for any and all products.

Engage Your Community

You usually start out coaching locally. How can you engage your community and get the word out about your coaching services? From marketing to community groups to family and friends, you need strategic plans to reach out and get noticed.

Outcomes for your Clients

To be a successful coach, you must have the outcomes your clients seek. Your coaching plan should detail those outcomes. They will obviously change as you move through your career, and your coach plan should keep up with these changes. Without the desired outcomes, you won’t be coaching for long!

Brainstorm Alternate Income Ideas

When you first start out, you will be focused on one-on-one coaching, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dream just a bit. Create a section for services and products you would like to offer in the future. What type of book would you like to write? What would your coaching DVD contain? What type of seminar would you offer? How would you create an online coaching business so you can expand your services to the nation and the world? Your coaching plan can be innovative, creative, and optimistic.

What Kind of Philanthropist Would You Be?

Pretend you are so successful that you become rich. Now, how would you donate money to help the world? Would you focus on children’s charities? Or disease prevention? Once you have fantasized a bit, you can scale it back and think of ways in which you can help right. Perhaps you can’t donate large sums of money at the moment, but you can surely offer your coaching services for free to a needy group. Your coaching plan can give you great ideas on how to help when you become wealthy, but it can also help you determine who you want to help, and how you can lend a hand right now.

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