Your Coaching Business Plan – Take Your Coaching Career To The Next Level

How do you write a great life coaching business plan? There are a billion resources detailing how to write goals or take your coaching career to the next level, most of which are fine, but what you really need is to give yourself time to focus on your life coaching business plan. If you are serious about making this year a turning point in your coaching career, here a few tips that will help make a difference no matter what strategy you choose.

You Need 24 Hours Dedicated to Working on Your Life Coaching Business Plan

The most important life coaching business plan tip is to give yourself a full day to plan. Not just an hour. Not even half a day. Smaller time blocks can be easily wiped off the face of the planet with a small emergency. An afternoon can also be easily whittled down to a half hour of scattered thoughts. That’s not going to give you a quality future for your coaching career. Give yourself 24 hours.

Create Your Life Coaching Business Plan in a Different Environment Away From the Usual Distractions

The other key aspect to making the most out of your life coaching business plan time is to get away from your usual environment. Get away from your usual distractions and conversations. Creating a powerful life coaching business plan that is powerful enough to take your coaching career to the next level is going to take focus. Daily distractions like the internet and the phone take away from your focus; and that’s power that is lost.

In your usual environment you think about how you usually think. If you want to take your coaching career to the next level, the same thinking that got you where you are will not get you to the next level. If you create your life coaching business plan in your home or usual workplace, you’ll tend to repeat what happened in the past. So get yourself to a different place. Find a nice area outside your usual town, even if it’s only a half hour away. Find a place to stay the night. Maybe drive to a bed and breakfast or campground. Go to sleep somewhere else and when you wake up start your day.

If You Give Yourself 24 Hours and Distance From the Norm This Can be the Best Year of Your Coaching Career

You’ll be amazed at the power that getting some distance from all the things that usually stop you can have on developing a powerful life coaching business plan. Give yourself this gift. Set yourself up to make powerful changes in your coaching career by creating an optimal planning environment. And have a very happy new year!

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The Vision and Mission Statement Sections of a Business Plan for Life Coaching

Having a business plan for life coaching is essential – every business needs one, and coaching businesses are no exception. To write a good business plan takes some time, research, and patience. It also helps to use a sample or a template. This gives you an idea of the format and the items that need to be included.

Business Plan for Life Coaching

Business Plan for Life Coaching – Sergey Nivens ©

Make the Business Plan Your Own

Your life coaching business is unique – it may have many similarities with other life coaching businesses, but the simple fact that it is yours makes it unique. You should use a template, but what you include in each section should not be generic – it should be your words, your thoughts, your plans, and your goals.

The Vision Statement Section of a Business Plan

One of the most important section of a business plan for life coaching is the vision statement section. The vision statement paints a compelling picture of where the company will be in the future. It is generally a big picture item – a place where the business will be when it realizes its full potential and achieves its short-term and long-term goals.

Not creating a vision statement is like setting off in a ship without a rudder. It helps you move from task to task with a purpose. It helps describe how individual and organizational actions will achieve goals and ensure company success.

The Mission Statement Section of a Business Plan

The mission statement section of business plans for life coaching businesses define how they will accomplish their visions. It embodies the company’s values and commitment to achieving their goals. Mission statements are more short term than vision statements.

This will remind you, and any employees you may hire, why the company exists, and what will make it successful. The mission statement of a business plan for life coaching is a short sentence describing goals, functions, competitive advantages, markets, and philosophies.

Tips for Writing the Vision and Mission Statements for a Business Plan for Life Coaching

Here are a few general tips for writing the vision and mission statements of your business plan.

  • Set aside some time. Don’t rush it.
  • Use a template, but don’t copy from it. The template should only be used for reminders of what is needed, and for formatting.
  • Brainstorm. If you can work with a few other entrepreneurs in a brainstorming session, especially those who have written a business plan, this will help you come up with more ideas. However, if it is only you, it is still possible to have a great brainstorming session if you take the time and have some patience.
  • All words are important. Because the statement should be short and concise, all words matter. Pick your words carefully and don’t be afraid to revise. There’s no such thing as good writing, only good rewriting. Editing and rewriting gets it right!
  • Think both short and long term. The mission statement of a business plan for life coaching is more short term, and the vision statement is more long term. Think about both when writing these sections.

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