3 Items to Include in a Health Coach Business Plan

One of the most important steps when setting up your health coaching business is a health coach business plan. Whether you have a new business, are trying to jump start an existing business, or want to take your existing business in a different direction, a health coach business plan is crucial step on your journey to success.

Health Coach Business Plan

Feeling Uneasy About Starting a Business?

Most people are a bit apprehensive or nervous when starting a new business, and coaching is no exception. You are entering an unknown world when you make the commitment and invest your time and money into starting a new coaching practice. It is very common to feel a bit uneasy about it.

You’ll have many questions when you begin your career as a coach:

  • How do I start?
  • Where do I begin?
  • What’s the first step?
  • How do I get help?
  • I want to help change the world but have no idea if I can do it.
  • Will all my time and money be wasted?
  • How will I be able to process all the information I receive?
  • Will I succeed?

A Health Coach Business Plan Won’t Answer All Your Questions

A health coaching business plan won’t answer all your questions or solve all your issues. Will you succeed? There is much more to success than creating a business plan. However, creating a comprehensive business plan is one of the most important steps on your road to success. You can succeed without one, but it is much easier to achieve long term success if you take the time to write one.

What to Include on a Coaching Business Plan

Your health coach business plan should serve as a guide, a reference tool, and an outline for your business. It should focus on the present and the future – what you need to do now and where you want it to be in a specified time period.

The way to make your success happen is to plan it!

3 Things a Business Plan Should Have

  • To Do Now List. These are things you need to take care of before you start your business. Do you need a license, a permit, or any other administrative papers? Do you need office space, furniture, or other equipment to operate your business? Write down, in outline form, and in as much chronological order as you can, what you need to do to move your coaching business from an idea to the first day on the job – this includes location, set-up, niche, fees, and more.
  • Specific and General Goals. This is where you put your goals and dreams for the business. They should be realistic and honest – number of clients you want to attract each month, monthly revenue you want to earn, fees you want to charge, other products you want to create. You can also fantasize a bit if you wish – shoot for the moon and stars. Do you want to become the number one expert in your field? Do you want to write a bestseller about health coaching? Put it in your health coach business plan.
  • Marketing is always the elephant in the room. Very few coaches like to market and promote. Those who do usually become very successful coaches. But, every coach has to market and attract new customers if they want to stay in business. Creating a starting marketing plan and also a vision for your promotions in the future is are essential ingredients in a comprehensive and useful health coach business plan.
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  1. Zsa Zsa says

    The steps outlined here are definitely the top three musts if you are getting into the coaching business no matter what kind and for any other business for that matter. Consider like the commandments of business.

  2. Rodrick says

    Any endeavor should have a plan be it business or otherwise. The Business Plan is a must and it should include three basic items, a “To do now list”, one’s specific and general goals, and a marketing plan. Your key to success, definitely!!!

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