A Sample Business Plan for Cookery Coaching Business

Are you a cooking coach who is in need of a business plan for cookery coaching business?

Business Plan For Cookery Coaching Business, Life Coaching Business

Here is a sample business plan for cookery coaching business, Kalou. Kalou is a cookery coaching business. The company provides cooking lessons for people who want to learn how to cook or improve their cooking skills. Kalou also sells various recipes and other cooking products, such as utensils and spices.

Business Plan for Cookery Coaching Business, Kalou

Products and services

The services we will be offering are cookery classes and lessons. We offer all the basic dishes that people can learn to cook in the comfort of their own homes and at an affordable price. Our clients include children, adults, women, and men of different ages and social statuses.

Organizational structure and management team

The business will be owned and operated by Kalou, a former Michelin-star chef who has worked in various hotels and restaurants in America, Latin America and Asia. The management team will consist of Kalou, who will act as the CEO and COO of the company.

The organizational structure is as follows:

  • The Board of Directors (James Jones, Michelle Starr and Raj Mohan) make key decisions about the overall direction of a company or organization, including long-term goals and policies.
  • The Management Team (Kalou) ensures that tactical plans are implemented successfully. The management team also determines how resources should be allocated among various projects to meet specific goals. 

Marketing and sales plan

To get clients, our brand must be recognizable in the marketplace. The best way to do this is through a good logo and website design, but we will also use social media and other digital channels. Our goal is to have at least 15 clients per month during the first three months of the business and 50 per month thereafter once we get the business rolling. We plan to turn clients into repeat customers with excellent customer service and by giving all existing clients a free lifetime fitness and nutrition program. This value-added program will teach aspiring cooking coaches to prepare healthy meals.

Financial plan

This section is where we will pay attention to the money. Here are the details:

  • How much will it cost to start up? – $5000
  • How much will it cost to run each month? – $1500
  • How much profit will we make over five years? – $300,000

If there’s a lot of equipment involved, we will make sure we know how much all of that will set us back and how long it takes for the equipment to pay itself off. Let’s say an equipment was $3000: how long would that take for that equipment to pay itself off before there’s any profit coming in from sales? We might have other expenses like food, ingredients, or marketing materials that need factoring into this equation.


We hope this business plan for cookery coaching businesses has given you a good idea of what goes into planning for your venture. You can use these tips to get started on your own or use them as inspiration to create something new and exciting!

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Jeannie Cotter
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