Top Ten Reasons Businesses Hire A Business Plan Coach

Have you considered becoming a business plan coach? Jack Canfield, in The Success Principles, says a “coach is one of the best-kept secrets of the successful.” Although it is not mandatory for business owners to hire a business plan coach, if they are serious about taking their businesses to the next level, a business plan coach can help them realize their visions and goals.

Top Ten Reasons Businesses Hire A Business Plan Coach
1. A business plan coach can help business owners clarify their visions and goals. If what they are doing isn’t something they really want for their businesses but they don’t have a clear vision of what they want, then a coach can help them get clear.

2. A business plan coach can support business owners through their difficult times. Sometimes, business owners just need someone to talk to who isn’t too busy, too distracted or too involved to just objectively support them when times are tough. If they need someone to talk to who understands and doesn’t judge them, then a coach can help.

3. A business plan coach can help business owners develop momentum. There will be times when a business owner started a business, felt good about it but then lost interest. A business plan coach can help business owners craft a business plan that will sustain that momentum and keep them focused on the prize. This is similar to hiring a personal trainer to help one sustain the momentum of exercising when they feel like doing something else.

4. A business plan coach can help business owners stay on track and be focused. There will be times when the little, unimportant things take control of business owners’ days and by the time the day ends, they realize they haven’t accomplished anything they were hoping to accomplish. A coach can help them stay focused on the important things while learning to delegate or dump the unimportant things.

5. A business plan coach can help business owners take an objective look at exactly what they have been doing. A good coach would ask business owners to take a close, and sometimes painful, look at what they say they want as compared to the things they are actually doing. If business owners continue to do things the way they are, will they get to the place they are hoping to get to? Coaches ask the hard questions.

6. A business plan coach may help business owners identify both effective and destructive behavior patterns that they may not see. Since the coach isn’t standing in the forest, he can typically see the trees that business owners don’t. How often do business owners continue the same destructive patterns over and over again just because they can’t identify them? A coach will help them see this more clearly.

7. A business plan coach will hold business owners accountable for the goals they set. A coach is not a babysitter. When business owners decide they want to get going and accomplish some things in their businesses, a coach will not accept their excuses for why they weren’t done. Making a public declaration of their intent will also provide business owners with the needed incentive to keep their commitments.

8. A business plan coach can show business owners how to accomplish more by working less. Coaches are adept at teaching time-tested systems for being more productive. A business plan coach can help business owners be more productive in less time.

9. A business plan coach can help business owners discover their true passions. All business owners have unique abilities and a purpose but some of them never discover their passions and the rest who do are too afraid to just go for it! A business plan coach can help business owners uncover their passions—the things that will make them excited to get out of bed in the morning.

10. A business plan coach can help business owners identify their core business values and show them how they can do business in synergy with them. The values by which business owners conduct their businesses are very important to each of them. Many times, certain values they hold may be in conflict with each other. Sometimes, business owners are not even consciously aware of the values of importance to them. A business plan coach can help them to run their businesses in accordance with their values through a solid business plan. This will provide the kind of businesses of which business owners can be proud.

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You Don’t Need a Business Plan Coach

There are many types of coaches, but one coach you will probably never see is a business plan coach. I doubt there is much of a need for business plan coaching, but you never know.

Business Plan Coach

Business Plan Coach – Aleksandr Kalugin ©

I would advise you to go into another line of coaching. It’s not that complicated to write a business plan and there is help everywhere. I doubt anyone would want to pay a coaching fee for someone to help them with their business plan struggles!

You Might Need Help With a Business Plan

A business plan is very important. It serves as the founding document for your business. It also serves as a guide and a handy reference document. It gives you reason to think about your values and purpose and vision. It helps provide you with structure and organization. Though some entrepreneurs see a business plan as some form of obstacle – it is actually not that difficult to compose and complete.

However, some people might need help writing a business plan. Some people might not know how to begin. Some new business owners may struggle with the content and sections in a business plan. Some people may struggle to put it all together. Some people may just give up in despair and go ahead without one!

Does that mean there is a need for a business plan coach?

Does that mean there’s a large target market for someone who wants to coach people in writing business plans?

You Don’t Need a Business Plan Coach

You may need a life coach, or a wealth coach, or a career coach, or a health coach, but you probably don’t need someone to coach you on writing a business plan.

Would you pay $50 or $100 for someone to coach you on writing a business plan? Highly unlikely.

You may need help. You may need to see some examples. You may want to use a template. You may need to do some research. You may need to talk to your peers and associates, but you don’t need a business plan coach!

You Do Need to Write a Business Plan

Though you don’t need a coach, you do need to write a business plan. Even if you are a coach with a one-person shop, a business plan is an important piece in your success puzzle. Don’t start your business without one!

5 Reasons You Need a Business Plan

  1. To map your future. The plan will serve as a guide and allow you to measure success and goal achievement.
  2. To list your values, vision, and mission. These will guide your business and offer direction. They will be in your plan for future reference and referral.
  3. To make decisions. You can use your stated goals and values to make decisions concerning new products, new markets, and new coaching niches.
  4. To create an action plan. If you have created a comprehensive business plan, it should provide you with plans of action – for markets, goals, and new ventures.
  5. To market and promote. A good business plan will offer details on marketing – both types of marketing and assessments. This allows you to create new marketing plans when needed.

There is plenty of help online or in numerous books. You can easily help yourself when writing a business plan – you don’t need a business plan coach!

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