Coaching Business Plan: 2 Major Responsibilities of A Life Coach

Life coaches have two major responsibilities – to look after today’s coaching business and to plan for the future growth of their business. Future planning is crucial if you want to take advantage of opportunities and anticipate necessary actions for growth and success. The reverse is also true – failing to plan for the future can have dire consequences in terms of lost opportunities and contribute to business failure. This is an article about coaching business plan and how to get back to the right track when some of your plans fail.

7 Steps to Get Back On Track when Life Derails Your Coaching

Ever feel derailed from your best laid coaching business plans? Sometimes holidays, illness, family crisis — things that require your immediate attention — can stop your momentum cold. Every business owner gets derailed by life …

Publish Date: 04/07/2010 0:07

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  1. Peter says

    This is short and straight to the point! We sometimes forget this 2 major responsibilities but with this we can be sure that our business plan will be great.

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