The Forms Needed in a Life Coaching Starter Kit

What does a life coaching starter kit include? If you were planning to start a life coaching business, what would be a few essentials items you would need in a metaphorical kit to get the business off to a successful start?

Life Coaching Starter Kit

Life Coaching Starter Kit – Andriy Popov ©

The Basics to Start a Life Coaching Business

A starter kit would include all the items needed to successfully start your business. Here are the basics:

  • Self-evaluation. Do you have what it takes to be a coach? Do you have the traits needed to be a successful coach? Empathy, a strong work ethic, a passion for learning and education, a burning desire to help others, superior listening skills, discipline, and more.
  • Training. You are not required to have coach training, but in the increasingly competitive world of coaching, training is becoming essential. Find an accredited training program with a good reputation, and you’ll be off to a great start!
  • Know who you want to coach. Do you want to be a general life coach, or would you prefer to find a niche working with a specific group of people? A life coaching starter kit must include your decision on what direction you want to go as a life coach.
  • Make certain you can provide the outcomes your clients are seeking. Know your target market, know if they can afford coaching, and know if you can provide the outcomes they desire.
  • Coaching forms and documents

The Forms Needed in a Life Coaching Starter Kit

Individuals starting a business often forget about the forms they might need to start and operate their business. But, having the basic forms when opening a coaching practice is as important as the United States having their founding documents.
Here are a few of the basic forms you should have when you start a life coaching business:

Business Plan

A life coach starter kit must have a business plan. Let me repeat and rephrase- a business plan is essential for every business, including coaching practices. This is not a document you use with clients, but it provides a description of the organization, the purpose, and the goals of the business.

Coaching Programs Summary Page

This document details your coaching offerings. This is a form you give to potential clients – either as an initial marketing tool or during a complimentary session.

Client Questionnaire

This document serves as the foundation of each coach-client relationship. It provides you with detailed information about the client – information that will help you build a relationship, direct you to specific coaching tools needed, and determine the client’s goals.

Coaching Agreement

A life coaching starter kit must have a comprehensive and clear coaching agreement. This is the contract between you and the client detailing the essentials of the coaching program and ensuring that you are on the same page.

Client Progress Report

This is a report for your eyes only which will help you guide each session. This provides you with a snapshot view of a client’s overall progress.

Business Plan

Did I list business plan before? Yes, I did! And I am listing it again – it is that important! It should be the very first document in every life coaching starter kit and should be completed in a comprehensive, concise, and cohesive manner to ensure your success in the coaching business.

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