The What-Makes-You-Great Business Plan for a Life Coach

A business plan for a life coach is an important component of starting a successful coaching business. A comprehensive business plan can serve as a handy reference guide for starting and operating your coaching practice.

Business Plan for a Life Coach

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Your Business Plan as a Motivational Tool

One of the things that people often overlook when creating a business plan is that it can be used as a motivational tool. Sure, business plans for a life coach should clarify and identify your goals, both short and long term. It should define your target market, detail promotional plans to reach this market, and also describe outcomes that these potential clients are seeking.

It should also remind you of how great you are and what makes you a great coach.

The What-Makes-You-Great Business Plan for a Life Coach

Your business plan should be motivational and inspirational. It should pick you up when you are down, and remind you of why you entered the coaching profession in the first place. It should give you a kick in the butt when you get frustrated or discouraged.

A business plan for a life coach should tell you how great you are!

This motivational business plan should contain the following:


This should be a complete list of the values that make you a great coach. Everyone should have honesty, ethics, integrity, and competence. But, you should be able to think of others that define you and your coaching. Do you have experience in your niche? Are you involved in your community? Are you optimistic? Are you creative?

Every value, attribute, trait, skill, or ability that makes you a great life coach should be listed. Including an example of each value will help you someday when you look to your business plan for guidance, help, or motivation.

Who Makes You a Great Coach?

This is similar to the section on values, but here you should write a paragraph or two about yourself. This could also be called a “brag section.” This is where you brag about how great you are and how your values and abilities make you a great coach. Most people who write a business plan for a life coach don’t include a section like this, but they should. Why not brag a little; you may need these words of motivation when business slows or a client leaves.

What Will Make You a Better Coach?

This is another section that most experts never include in business plan templates or samples. But, they should! This is where you list ways to makes yourself a better coach. More coaching classes, Attend seminars in specific specialties. Take classes on how to run a business. Improve your listening skills. Improve some coaching skill or learn new coaching tools.
You can periodically look back at this section to see how you are doing. Are you keeping up with your improvement plans? Are you reaching for your own personal goals? No business plan for a life coach should be complete without this section.

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