You Don’t Need One: Business Plan – Life Coaching Practice

Contrary to what you may have read, you don’t need one – a business plan – life coaching practice. Nope. You can start a business without one. You can probably succeed in business without one. So, why write one?

Business Plan Life Coaching Practice

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Business Plan – Life Coaching Practice – the Reason Why

If you don’t need a business plan, why would you waste the time to write one? Well, there’s one great reason for taking the time to develop and compose a business plan for your life coaching practice.

That reason is – drumroll, please – it will probably make your business better in the present and the future. That’s it! You don’t need it, and you may very well succeed and prosper without one, but it can, and often does, make a business better – now and later.

A Business Plan Helps Your Business Now

Starting out in business is a daunting task. Guess what helps get you started correctly? That’s right – a business plan! Life coaching practice or clown costume store – you need a plan to create a successful business!

There are so many things to do and so many decisions to make. Don’t you think you would get off to a better start if you wrote down your ideas and formulated a plan and put it on paper? Don’t you think you would be less likely to forget or overlook something if you took some time to brainstorm and put your thoughts into a document?

A carefully crafted, concise and comprehensive business plan will ensure you take the necessary steps to build a strong administrative foundation for your life coaching practice. It also helps you select the right niche, define your target market, and create a marketing action plan.

A Business Plan Helps Your Business in the Future

To remain competitive in the future, you should have a business plan. Life coaching practice, car assembly factory, or medical marijuana dispensary – a business plan is like a founding document.

Operating a business is a grind. It also takes patience, persistent, and perseverance. But, to be successful in the long term, a business also has to be adaptable, flexible, and roll with the punches. A clear and concise business plan will help you make the needed changes throughout the years while still sticking to your values

Remaining true to your vision while adapting to changes is one of the best reasons to create a business plan. Life coaching practices and all businesses benefit from having a business plan!

A Business Plan is Your Constitution

Think what the United States would be if we didn’t have our Constitution. That great document laid a strong foundation for both the beginning of the country and for its future.

Would the United States still have succeeded if our founding fathers hadn’t created a Constitution? Perhaps. But, are we better off that they took the time to write down the values under which we would live, and some mechanisms for instilling and retaining those values.

That’s why you need a business plan – life coaching practice or cheese sculpting business (yes, there really is one of these). Business plans matter and though you don’t need them, they can help make your life coaching practice even better!

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Fred Philips
Business Coach
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