Business Plans for Health Coaching: Resources You Need

Starting a health coaching business is a very important decision, and coaches will need to have some business resources before creating business plans for health coaching.

Business Plans for Health Coaching: Resources You Need

These business resources are assets, services, and systems you will need to make your health coaching business run smoothly. There are also other steps you will need to take to succeed in your business.

When Creating Business Plans for Health Coaching, What Are the Resources Coaches Need?

A clearly laid out business plan based on the resources that you have will map out your goals, plans, and how you will achieve these goals.

To run a successful health coaching business, here are some resources you need and the steps you need to take:

Good research. To write good business plans for health coaching, coaches need to do some research so they become an expert on their niche, products, or services. Knowledge about the business is important, so you must do the necessary research to be well-informed about the health coaching industry or product/service.

A Well Set-Up Office. Your office is another important business resource. You will need to be productive while working and therefore need a conducive work environment. Your office needs to have all you will need to run a smooth coaching business; a computer, printer, Internet access, fax, telephone, and business cards. Allocate some money towards setting up a working environment you will enjoy working from every day!

Finances. Some money to cover capital outlay and running costs is an important business resource which you will need. Any business requires some form of investment, and you will need to know how much you have, and how much investments and ongoing marketing your coaching business will need for it to succeed. It is therefore recommended that you start your business while you are still employed so that you have some money to live on while you are still building your business.

Support System. This can be a mentor, a health coach who has succeeded with a similar coaching business, or simply your family and friends. You need to have people close to you who will encourage you and give you the support you need. A good support network is a very important health coaching business resource.

Business Leads and Clients. Having the right contacts is a very important business resource, therefore you need to start networking and build your potential client base before you launch your health coaching business. Start marketing your business by creating a relationship with your potential clients and building trust with them. When you launch your business, it will be easy for them to engage you as a coach.

Professionalism. The way you run your business and relate to your clients is very important. Go the extra mile with your clients and care about them. Provide all the information they may need. Treat your business professionally, and if you need the services of a lawyer or accountant, hire or outsource it. It is more productive and effective to get experts to do what you cannot do, leaving you time to focus on your business.

If you have the business resources outlined above, it will be easier for you to come up with a business plan for health coaching. Although your coaching business may only be a small venture, treat it like a real business, and in no time, your business will be successful.

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11 Tips to Create the Best Business Plans for Health Coaching Businesses

Business plans for health coaching are like business plans for any type of business. They need to be comprehensive yet concise; creative yet clear; and workable yet flexible. A business plan for a health coaching business needs to be a statement – a statement that your businesses is going to succeed and this is how it will do just that!

Business Plans for Health Coaching

Business Plans for Health Coaching – Shao-Chun Wang ©

The Dual Value of Business Plans

The first value of creating a business plan is that you will have one when you are done. It can serve as a motivational tool, a reminder of what needs to be done, and a handy reference guide for future decisions or changes. It is your founding document and one that describes who you are and what you do as a business.

However, there is another value to a business plan. The value isn’t all about the finished product; it is also about the process of researching and creating your plan. The simple act of research and planning helps you think more clearly and critically.

Business plans for health coaching practices are about the process and the product! Both give you plenty of value!

11 Tips to Create the Best Business Plans for Health Coaching Businesses

Health coaching is a great gig, but the competition can be fierce. To be successful, you need some luck, a few advantages, and to put in good old fashioned hard work. One of the advantages can be to write a comprehensive business plan.

Here are a few tips for creating the best business plans for health coaching businesses:

  • Don’t ever forget your mission statement – this is the crux of the business plan and tells you who you are, what you do, and why you do what you do.
  • The values section is critical. Take time to think about the values that drive you to be the best coach you can be.
  • Give a detailed description of the health coaching business. Many business plans omit this section, but it is important to describe what you think people perceive health coaching to be.
  • What are your most important core competencies. This will be similar to values.
  • Provide a SWOT analysis – S- Strengths; W – weaknesses; O – opportunities; T – threats (competition, market factors, etc.).
  • Clearly identify and define your target market – know who you plan on coaching.
  • Clearly define the outcomes you can provide this target market.
  • Determine definitively if your target market can pay for the outcomes you provide. If the target market doesn’t have the disposable income to hire a coach, you may have identified the wrong target market.
  • Detail marketing strategies that can be used to reach your target market.
  • Detail ways to assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.
  • Write a vision statement – how will your coaching change the world?

There are many things that go into good business plans. But, all highly effective business plans for health coaching businesses will contain most, or all of these eleven items.

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